We are Av3

Now we are AV3

AV3 will be a new name to you, but we’ve been around for over eight years as Talk. Talk has developed a reputation for innovation and service in the audio visual market but, as AV3, we can now offer more than ever before.

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Why the new name?

We chose AV3 because it reflected the three key pillars on which we’ve built our success – design, innovation and integration. So whether you need a highly specified installation, or just want a series of fresh ideas to give your brand a lift or promote a new product,
we can help.

What's new?

Apart from the brand refresh, our new offices in Dubai add an international dimension to our business, as well as bringing some exceptional video engagement skills and experience to our growing portfolio of services. And as we are part of a Group that has a full service marketing agency, we can offer a stream of content on an in-house basis.